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Testing & Inspection

Hickmans Electrical Engineers & Contractors LTD ensuring safety through inspection

We are qualified to undertake all aspects of inspection and testing. All testing and inspections are carried out to current regulations and we are kept up to date with any amendments to regulations as required. 

Carrying out periodic inspections on your property’s electrical systems will provide you with peace of mind and an up to date status report of its condition.  Knowing that your systems and equipment comply with the Electrical regulations and having a certificate of electrical safety is key to a safe home or business.

Our engineers will carry out testing on the whole of your electrical system within your property, from the distribution board through to the socket outlets and light fittings.  You will receive a periodic inspection certificate along with the schedule of the tests we have carried out.  Any failures or recommendations will be noted on your certificate, and when they have been rectified and re-tested we will issue you a new certificate.  

The certificates we issue are accepted by mortgage and insurance companies.  We can also undertake inspections and surveys when buying or selling a property, whether commercial or domestic.
When our engineers test your installations and electrical equipment, we will look for the following points:-

  • Damage
  • Wear and Tear
  • Strength
  • Corrosion
  • Integrity
  • Ageing
  • Environmental influences
  • Excessive electrical overloading

We can also carry out portable appliance testing (PAT) on all of your appliances in domestic and commercial properties.   All testing is carried out in compliance with health and safety laws, all landlord and commercial buildings need to have appliances tested for safety.

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